Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Apple iMac...The Best Desktop Design Ever...

In my opinion as a designer, the current iMac is the best desktop computer ever made. 

I very, very highly recommend the Apple iMac...

One of the things people always look for when they first see the iMac is the computer.  They think they are looking at the monitor and don't understand the entire computer including power supply and the DVD player is inside this single unit.

It is amazing how trim and streamlined the iMac for factor is, but the most amazing thing is how powerful and fast it is.

The iMac comes in two sizes.  A 24 inch pictured above and the 20 inch pictured below. 

I highly recommend spending more and getting the 24 inch for 2 key reasons.

First, it allows you to lay out two full size pages so you can compare thinks side by side or keep 2 programs on the screen at the same time.  The second reason, is because for some strange reason, Apple used a low quality LCD in the 20 inch.

The 20 inch look o.k. straight on but the off angle viewing looks awful.  In other words if you are working with somebody and the are looking at the screen form the side it is hard to see.

Why Apple cut corners on this is beyond me!?!

The iMac comes standard with Apples new super thin keyboard which is a drastic improvement over the last generation Apple Keyboard.  There is also a slot load for inserting CDs and DVDs on the right side of the iMac.

Many people seek out my opinion when they are going to purchase a new computer because they know I do so much research into them and that I am computer design expert and Apple enthusiast.

I have turned many people on to the iMac and they ALL tell me they absolutely love it.  You can't go wrong with the iMac.

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