Friday, June 6, 2008

More on Speed Racer...

So Here is the deal:  I can't seem to get the Speed Racer song out of my head, so I thought I would share the words with you:

Speed Racer Lyrics

Here he comes. Here comes Speed Racer, 
he's a demon on wheels!!!

He's a demon and he's gonna be chasin' after someone. 

He's gainin' on you so you better look alive. 

He's busy revvin' up a powerful Mach 5. 

And when the odds are against him and there's dangerous work to do, 
you bet your life Speed Racer will see it through. 

Go Speed Racer, 
Go Speed Racer, 
Go Speed Racer, Go! 

He's off and flyin' as he guns the car around the track 
He's jammin' down the pedal like he's never comin' back 
Adventure's waitin' just ahead. 

Go Speed Racer 
Go Speed Racer 
Go Speed Racer, Go!

I remember in this scene from the movie, all the other cars looked like Hot Wheels to me:

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