Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Never Before Contactated Amazon Tribe Photographed Near Peru-Brazil Border...

The Survival International photos in this story are of a never seen before Tribe that lives in the Amazon Basin that were taken in May of 2008.

The never before contacted tribe lives near the border with Peru in the Brazillian State of Acre.

Survival International estimate there to be more than 100 tribes worldwide that have never had contact with the outside world.

For some reason I find these photographs to be absolutely fascinating.  I find the woman covered in black (could be a dude) to be really interesting looking.

It almost looks like they are wearing a Cat woman Costume.

I wonder two things:  First, is what did that person do to make themselves blacker than night? and secondly, why did they completely cover themselves in black?  The non-verbal body language is also fascinating.

In the two images above Amazon Tribesman are trying to shoot arrows at the Airplane taking the photos.

I think the most amazing part is to take into consideration how differently the remembers of the tribes life's must be compared to that of the average American.

To me, the people in the photo look like wild animals, and I bet if they saw me they would think the same thing.  Human beings, including myself, tend to be so anthropocentric.  We seem to forget that we are mammals and not machines.

Looking at these photos makes me feel like I am on the original Star Trek, exploring a distant civilization.  As Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating Captain."

You can learn more by watching this fascinating video narrated by Julie Chistie:

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